Pathway 2 Success Testimonials

"The Barber Family"

To who it may concern,
My family have been working with Pathway2success for 2 years now and I thought I should let them know that we are truly thankful for them. The work they do has proven to us there is still people out there looking out for the little people in the world. Thank you so much for helping us, for not turning your backs on us when we needed you the most and for understanding not every person is the same. Yes we have gotten behind on our payments to them but they are willing to work with us as long as we do not hide our troubles from them and help us in any way they could. I would recommend them any day. They have treated us like family from the start and no matter, what we think of them as part of our family. When we first starting working with them to rent to own our home we where asked to wright a letter telling how our experience with them was, well after 2 years I thought I would rewrite that letter and let them know that we have had a hard time not to many people work with a young family like us and give us the chances they have. Most people would have kicked us out and instead Christopher Jackson took us under his wings and reassured us that everything was going to work out. I love the fact that they have took the time out of there lives to work with people that others wouldn't. We have a past that we have worked long and hard to get past and they didn't look at what we had done in the past but into the great beyond at what we could be. I hoping one day to meet the hole Pathway2success team and thank them personally for the hard work they do. Maybe someday they will move a office up here and I can work for them to help make others lives change like they have ours. Thank you all for what you have done for us and are still doing. Keep up the good work.
Thank you,
From the Barber Family

John Jones - Contractor

Indianapolis, Indiana - "I am working with Paul Beaty and Pathway 2 Success remodeling homes in Indiana area. We met in a parole diversion program call IOP. I am glad to have worked to do. We work very well together. He lets me do what I do best. I hope we will work more together in the future and both prosper for this opportunity. Pathway 2 Success has provided jobs for both of us. Again I am very grateful to have work and Paul has stated Pathway 2 Success has more projects to work on here in Indianapolis."