Community Impact

To create and provide social protection to the most vulnerable youth in our society through the delivery of Social Groups, Networking, Identifying your worth, and Implementing your ideas and services, delivered via Advantage Village Academy, Pathway 2 Success, Community Efforts, Community Organizations, City, County, State, Provincial Government and NPO structures.

Community partners will be utilized, relying heavily on the business community, to provide opportunities for youth to increase their exposure to facets of society that previously these youth may have thought were beyond their reach and not for them. This module will demonstrate to youth that they are a welcomed, necessary part of society and assist youth in developing the social skills needed for them to feel at ease in environments where they may have had limited exposure in the past. These environments may include professional businesses such as banking and technology firms, trendy and fine dining, art galleries and museums, and other areas where youth may express an interest to experience.

The aim is to increase cultural capital for youth while demonstrating that there are many professions they can pursue and experiences available to them in their community that they may not have been exposed to previously. This module also will teach youth proper dress, behavior and etiquette while practicing appropriate topics of conversation, questions and dialogue, helping them feel at ease in a wide array of social environments.

We need your donations for the Michelle Anthony family

Recently, as part of our Community Impact Mission Pathway 2 Success in collaboration with T&B Roofing donated a new roof to the Michelle Anthony family. However, the work is long from done. We are in need of your donations to finish the inside of her house.

(We need to replace tile, drywall, cabinets, vanity, kitchen sink, sink fixtures, etc.)

Click here to make a donation.