Brotherhood of Men

The Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group, Inc. (BOM) is a 501(c)(3) organization and Pathway 2 Success is partnering with them to start a chapter in St. Petersburg because they embody the same core values that Pathway 2 Success is about. Brotherhood of Men provides a supportive environment, fostering life-skill enhancement and personal development in young males. BOM encourages young men to build positive characteristics to foster successful experiences in their daily interactions. Young boys, from 8 years-old, have weekly interaction with community leaders and mentors who teach them how to lead positive, productive and spiritual lifestyles.

Mission is to create an environment for young males (ages 8 to 18) to become successful, productive members of the community.

•To instill in these young males a positive sense of self that will give them the confidence to believe that they can and will achieve.
•To break the vicious cycle of crime, incarceration, failure, and death that plagues many young males in low income, disenfranchised communities, by providing friendship, mentorship, guidance, and love.
•The mission is accomplished by having positive, productive and responsible men serve as mentors to these boys.

What makes Brotherhood of Men mentor group effective?

Love, Responsibility, Integrity, Manhood, Hardwork are a few of the values we instill in these young men. While we celebrate and applaud any group that is genuinely helping kids, we know that what we give these young men is something different. It stems from a heartfelt desire to see these kids succeed. Not for personal fame, glory, or riches. All time is volunteered. Every dime collected goes back into the group. We often pay for snacks and trips out of our own pockets. It is our belief that if just one member succeeds because of the lessons we’ve shared, this entire endeavor will be worth it, 100 times over, even if no other person ever knows. That is what makes us different.

“Keep it real” is the motto that means that we don’t “sugar coat” and dance around topics with our kids. We make it clear to these young men that we are trying to pass hard earned life lessons onto them, so as to avoid them having to make the same mistakes we made. We often tell them that the “street life”, while flashy and alluring, only ends up in two places— dead or in jail. It is this candor that they can connect and respond to. We don’t talk “at” them, but we talk “to” them. With the love we show, comes a sense of responsibility and accountability, not only to the mentors, but more importantly to their fellow members and themselves. Again, that is the difference.