April 20, 2015

New Roof Donanted In Largo, FL

Article by Bobby Lewis, WTSP Channel 10 News.

Can a roof be a foundation? For one Largo family, it's both.

Rebecca Suttle has needed a new roof for a while. There are cracks and leaks everywhere.

"I was pretty concerned about mold growing and things getting ruined," said Suttle. "It's pretty expensive to get a new roof so it's nice to know there's somebody out there willing to help."

Lucky for her, her new roof is free.

Suttle was given a new roof Monday morning by a nonprofit called Pathway2Success. The group teamed up with the City of Largo and TB Roofing and Construction to replace her old tile roof with a new shingle one.

"Our mission is affordable housing," said Pathway's executive director, Christopher A. Jackson. "When you see the emotion on her face, you get emotional and you find that bond."

"It's just a really nice partnership," said Largo Mayor Woody Brown. "I think she's kind of at a loss for words right now."

Crews showed up to Suttle's Largo home just before 9 a.m. to begin tearing up her old roof and replacing it. She smiled from ear to ear down in the driveway while watching workers dismantle the moldy, leaky tiles.

It's the second roof that Pathway2Success has given away this year and there are lot more coming.

"We're actually looking at doing 15 this year. This is number two," said Lincoln Sziranko. "We're going to be giving away five roofs in five days just before Thanksgiving."

"Hopefully it doesn't fail and if it does we'll be out there to fix it – no cost," said Jackson. Pathway2Success aims to help families in lower-income areas or disadvantaged youths. For Suttle, who has children and is attending classes at St. Petersburg College, the gift is incredible.

"Without something like this, it would be hard for this to be possible and I'm just extremely grateful," she said.